Bev Banks Hammer

Taken by a Sidewalk Photographer many years ago. I’m not sure which theater but possibly the Grand or American. The movie advertised came out in May of 1937. Notice the 15 cent price. In the photo are my grandma Lillie and her two daughters, My mother Irene in center and aunt Elaine on right

Great Grandma Bev and Colton Ray

Ladies! Are you fed up with those torturous bra wires piercing your tender flesh? Had enough of trying to put the girls where they ‘used to be?’ Disgusted with those babies trying to mimic goiters? Well don’t throw those bra’s away!!! RECYCLE!!! Yep that’s the word. Turn those double barrel shingshots into a new hat! They come in a wide selection of colors and sizes, one for every occassion! Just tie under your first, second or third chin and like magic you have a new new look and have gone green in a very practical way. You are stylin’ girl!

I am the naughty little girl far left who is making a face. Beside me are cousins Carol, Sharon and Esther. 1975

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