.Sunnland School Original

First Grade Sunnyland:
Back L to R Arnold Becker Donna Hoyt Lowell Mack Fred Barmore Bob Aemmer Maxine Reed Mickey Luke George Hayes 2nd Row Billy Nims Jerry Werdal Larry Sargent Diane Ecalbarger Donald Varney Kay Roberson David Crook Bonnie Rogers Glen Comstock 1st Jack Corning Danny Vail Wayne Barness Mary Ann Coffield Stanley Petterson Helen Hicks Wayne Richter Jimmie Satterlee Kay Ash Douglas Fox
Second Grade Sunnyland

Third Grade Sunnyland:
Front L to R David Gustfson, Wayne Richter, Helen Hicks, Leslie Sorenson, Kay Ash, Stanley Petterson, Kathleen Melton, Larry Sargeant. Second Row… Dick Tisdale, Kay Roberson, Wayne Barsness, Maxine Reed, Arnold Becker, Myrna LaPlante, Betty Tichner, Mary Ann Caulfield, Third Row Bonnie Rogers, Milton Luke, ?, Don Varney, David Crook, Glen Taylor, Jerry Werdal, Back George Hays, Glen Comstock, Myrna Shadle, Stanley Asplund, Bob Aemmer, Mrs. Loveta Whitely

Third and Fourth Grade Sunnyland

Fifth Grade ….still needed

Sixth Grade Sunnyland

1st L to R David Crook, Don Varney, Glenn Taylor, Arnold Becker, Betty Tincher, Kay Roberson, Wayne Barsness, Bob Aemmer,Milton Luke, 2nd Leslie Sorenson, Wayne Richter, Stanley Petterson, David Gustafson, Helen Hicks, Patsy Marvick, Kay Ash, Kitty Melton, Myrna LaPlante, Larry Sargent, Jerry Werdal, 3rd Glen Comstock, Jimmy McLemore, Don Marten, David New, George Hayes, Jackie Elmore, Jeanette Frostad, Bonnie Rogers Myrna Shadle, Bob Brown Student Teacher
Sixth Grade Signed

Sunnyland Area Carnival

Sunnyland Now

Sunnyland Operetta 1940 One of the only photos of the annex/lunchroom building adjacent to Sunnyland main building

1940 Not our Class