Lincoln School

Grade 1
Betty MacDonald “Roger” Ruth Hagerhjelm (UNK) Darla Mesford Roy Lundgren Bill Moultray Bobby Benson Marilyn Moir Gail Nicholay Connie Brandt. Judy Landcaster “Peter” Donald Leaf
UNK (ears stick out) Darlene Willett JoAnn Scofield Nancy Cummings (Behind the piano, from left to right are:) Marlin UNK Tall girl UNK Patsy Metzger “Terry” June Westman Marjory Allen (I think)

Grade 2
BACK ROW (from Left to right): UNK Judy Landcaster Betty MacDonald Donna Winger Nancy Cummings Rosie Huse. Ruth Hagerhjelm Georgia MIDDLE ROW (from Left to right): Bobby Benson Marilyn Moir girl UNK . JoAnn Scofield Darla Mesford . girl UNK – maybe Marjorie Allen June Westman Darlene Willett Patsy Metzger FRONT ROW (from Left to right): Bill Moultray Roger somebody Donald Leaf UNK Roy Lundgren boy UNK Peter”

Grade 3
Mrs. Gilmore, standing behind at left BACK ROW (from Left to right): Gail Nickolay Connie Brandt Rosie Huse Delores Byrum Betty MacDonald Ruth Hagerhjelm Nancy Cummings
MIDDLE ROW (from Left to right): Roger Waldrop Marjorie Allen Patsy Metzger Donna Winger Marilyn Moir Judy Landcaster Darlene Wilett Darla Mesford Connie Brandt ?
FRONT ROW (from Left to right): Bobbue Benson Bill Moultray Donald Leaf Roy Lundgren Donald Smith Terry ?? Marlin Mattso

Grade 4
BACK . Donald Leaf Ruth Hagerhjelm Nancy Cummings . Georgia Betty MacDonald Unk 6. Rosie Huse Donald Smith MIDDLE ROW Connie Brandt Marjorie Allen Marilyn Moir girl UNK – perhaps Bernitta Kelstrup June Westman Judy Landcaster Patsy Metzger Darlene Willett FRONT ROW Bobbie Benson Gail Nickolay boy UNK girl UNK boy UNK Donna Winger Bill Moultray Mrs. Robertson, Teacher

Grade 5
Teacher, Mrs. Starlund, BACK ROW Donna Winger Rosie Huse Bernetta Kelstrup Ruth Hagerhjelm Nancy Cummings Judy Landcaster Betty MacDonald Patsy Metzger Marilyn Moir
Connie Brandt FRONT ROW Darlene Willett “Sharon” somebody? June Westman Donald Leaf
Bobbie Benson Roy Lundgren Roger ?? (perhaps “Waldrop”?) Marjory Allen Gail Nickolay (? Nicholis?

Lincoln at Roosevelt Grade 6

Back: Darlene Willett, Connie Brandt, Marjorie Compton, Marjory Allen, Joanne Scofield, Rosie Huse Jewell Bass, Delores Byrum, Wanda Fullner, Betty MacDonald,
Middle Row Left to right Gale Nickolay, Nancy Cummings, [ boy here unnamed], Roy Lundgren, Bernetta Kelstrup, June Westman, Judy Lancaster, Allen K.,
Front Row Left To right Marilyn Moir, Donna Winger, Patsy Metzger, Robert Hanestial, Donald Leaf, Robert Benson, Duane ???, Paul Starland, Robert Walldrop, Garth Brandt may be here somewhere.

Lincoln Outdoors

Lincoln Outdoors

First Grade 1943 Not our class