Vicki Chatterton Bruton

Biery Family reunion 1938

Galen Biery Birthday 1947

Grandma before she became a Montgomery

Vicki Family

Vicki Her mom Sister Honey

Vicki first year of College

Ummm….a while ago….

Becky, Ron, Sarah – my kiddies (left to right)

Me with my sister Lynn

5 thoughts on “Vicki Chatterton Bruton

    • melissa, It is always nice to supply a new photo of grandparents when they were young. So-you must be a child of Sharon, Paul(ie), or chris. I don’t think Sylvia had any children.

      • I am Paul’s youngest daughter 🙂
        If you have any more photos, I would love to see them. I have some that are pretty great.

  1. I just sent the family picture with Paul to my dad, he says “hello cousin”… What a fun turn of events.
    I guess we are related too, such a small world.

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